Wireless Charging for
Micromobility Use Caseskabellos

Wireless charging enables an automated charging process without the need for personnel. Learn more about the charging solutions for e-scooters, e-bikes or e-scooters - also ideal for sharing and rental applications.
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MicromobilityWireless charging of e-scootersScooter

As soon as the scooter is pushed into the positioner, the charging process can begin. Energy is transmitted from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit in the scooter via the installed coils. The coils are protected by plastic covers and can be integrated into the frame of the vehicle or mounted outside on the frame.

Due to the protective design, there are no open contacts and the effects of the weather cannot cause any damage. Therefore, wireless charging is also very suitable for outdoor use.

Charging without cables

Put the vehicle and the unit charges - it couldn't be easier.

No plugging/unplugging

The charging system regulates the charging process automatically.

Drive off immediately

The vehicle is ready for use at any time and the charging process ends.

Extend range

Idle time can be used as charging time.

Wireless charging of e-bikesE-Bike

The e-bike is positioned in the parking position to the transmitter unit, after which the charging process starts automatically. Due to the good integrability and the developed Plug & Play principle, the charging system is the perfect addition for your series production.

Especially in the sharing or rental sector, wireless charging of e-bikes can save costs and help with the implementation, as the charging process can take place automatically in the parking station – the ideal complement also in the free-floating approach. The charging systems are very low-maintenance and thus reduce operating costs.

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alpha15 charging moduleWireless charging of smartphonesSmartphone

Embedded in the handlebars, the smartphone can be charged directly from the e-bike's battery. No further cables or superstructures are necessary for this:
Clean Design
Integrated charging functionality
Direct installation in the frame
No external charging solution necessary