The future is wirelesswireless

The gapcharge wireless charging systems enable a new way of charging: wireless and automated.

The future is wirelesswireless

The gapcharge wireless charging systems enable a new way of charging: wireless and automated.


The wireless charging systems have a very high efficiency.
up to

Charging voltage

The charging systems have a very wide field of application.
up to

Charging current

Individual charging currents can be realised and applied.
The gapcharge promise

Free your vehicle from cables

The gapcharge charging systems supply your vehicles with energy wirelessly.

In addition to the energy transfer, data can also be transferred and the battery data monitored:
Optimisation of the charging times
Battery failure prediction
Adaptation of the charging behaviour
The individual charging system

Power: 15W
Voltage: 9-45V
Current: up to 2A
The efficient charging system

Efficiency: 95%
Voltage: 24-60V
Current: up to 5A
The all-rounder

Efficiency: 94%
Voltage: 24-60V
Current: up to 15A
The powerful charging system

Efficiency: 93%
Voltage: 24-60V
Current: up to 60A


Discover the potential

The possible uses of wireless charging systems are many and varied, and there are a large number of different options.
As a manufacturer, you too can offer your customers wireless charging options. Contact us and join us on the road to a wireless future.

Logistics scooter

  • Logistics
  • alpha120 / alpha400

Electric tug

  • Logistics
  • alpha120 / alpha400


Automated guided vehicles

  • Logistics
  • alpha400 / alpha2500


  • Micromobility
  • alpha120 / alpha400

E-bike smartphone

No cable is required for charging and the charging process can begin immediately.
Operational readiness
The vehicle can be used again at any time and the charging process ends automatically.
Intermediate charging can extend the service life depending on the battery type.
No more hassle from empty vehicles or broken cables due to careless driving away.

From research into practiceStart-Up

Through scientific research, the wireless charging systems are particularly efficient and help you to carry out wireless charging on your vehicles.
Solution for your new vehicles
Integration into existing vehicles
Subcontracting into the existing production process
Wireless charging systems at reasonable prices

Through the strategic partnership with the company VOORTMANN GmbH, a strong production partner could be brought into the network.

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